I’ll silence myself while I’ll be standing still
the world is going crazy, touching the hand of fear.
I’ll build a mountain of love, kindness and will,
so please hold me tighter in the rain, my dear.

If not, I will end in sad and dark despair
it will be no laughter anymore in my heart,
I’ll run endlessly on the hills, to you I swear,
like two strangers, believe me, we will fall apart.

I’ll be dancing with tears in my eyes
even if silence will reign over everything,
I know in fairytales tomorrow never dies
we promissed to each other to be queen and king.

I’ll blame it on the sun, I’ll blame it on the sky
I’ll colour the loneliness with the echo of my whisper,
I’m gonna live and love, humbled, until I die
with the vows of heaven, love gets even sweeter.

It’s never too late to get a second chance
and speak rhapsody of words under the holy moon
pain is an open window, with a deadly glance
fly me up to heaven, so I can see you soon.

27.01.2018 London


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