I know that silence is calming down my demons,
I’m a pure rainbow in my own unearthly cloud,
the brush of my mind gives colour to the seasons,
limping to the eyelids line, beeing so proud.

I know spelling his name is so peaceful and quiet,
like flying butterflies, with trembling soul,
I close my eyes and feel like life’s on a diet,
with that gentle beast who now became my goal.

I know the rebellious soul, hungry for the lover
who would like to extinguish the chariots of fire,
I take by the hand my heart with a thin cover,
when I am suffocating or hanging on a wire.

I know that the sun melts even the icy heart,
and my soul is feeded by words of sweetness,
that after disaster, things will have a fresh start,
and after the rain, I’ll be the new life’s witness.


Lasă un gând