Today I’m in a mood for a long walk,
to scent the savage-garden creature,
sitting at my rustic coffee table and talk
to the elderflower, my new lace-hat feature.

I’m in the mood of dwarves in my garden,
the rain is my provider of emotion,
but my reason is asking for my pardon
as I see clouds shedding tears in the ocean.

I am in the mood to hear a saxophone,
in jazz arrangements for me to plunge,
not to hear again the old gramophone:
„You can’t wipe the past with a sponge”!

I don’t want to make any more steps in a spot,
I disown the fate that is thirsty for my pain,
I can go through life, ice and fire will hurt me not,
If you please come back to love me once again!

This time for a lifetime!

30.06.2018, London


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