Where should I run?
Where can I hide?
In dreams unguarded by a dying man?
In the flood abandoned
by hope and desire
or in the disguised chances of life,
with souls on fire?
Which way should I take?
What way to choose?
My tears have bloomed,
now I collect the bruise.
You … you closed your delicate fist,
and the pain sat down in my heart,
as my muse.
You heard me, but you did not listen at all,
you were sneaking into my dreams in fall.
You have not seen me, though you’ve been
looking at me for a long time,
when my heart slept his smoothly sleep,
why is that a crime?
How long does it take for us to give up?
How long does it take for us to surrender?
If you do not love me,
give me an antidote
and I’ll let go being your copilot.
I … I forgive myself
for this late seductive spring.
You… forgive yourself too,
for this confusion in the wind
caused us only absent mysterious flights,
that’s why I preferred to live
alone in the nights …


Lasă un gând