Autumn comes again, with her bare arms,
the depths are hiding deaf fountains of smiles,
the cold rains and fog wandering in the farms,
the warm sunrise was expelled, so he cries.

The secrets of waterfalls that carries their name
are reading my bitter soul as an empty shell,
my tears are flowing to extinguish the flame
of the clouds from heaven… so they tell.

I wonder if my heart will slow down in time
until the dawn of old age that puts a spell
on the sunrises and sunsets, in the meantime
I can take over the duties of the fall as well.

Until then, I remain an insomniac in motion.
Until flowers grow into the heart. I will not surrender.
I’ll try over and over again, until tears make an ocean.
Tell me… when I’m going to meet my life’s defender?


Lasă un gând