Between you and me … a worrying world
about the crowd of men that guards our words
and taste the love from the sweet cup of the happiness,
daring to break the spell of bitter sadness.

Between me and you … there is only one way,
you would want all of my heart in your chest,
you would breathe my words, my eternal dilemmas,
the distance being your greatest regret.

Between you and me … silence … and a mute kiss
that incites and listen how the hormones scream,
the feelings that don’t fit into the soul, I chase them away
creating addiction to my lips and war to my neurons.

Between me and you … the same Sun, the same Moon,
the same stars that shine on my face,
being their godmother, for in the night they are crowned,
and the witnesses are the warm beads of sand.

Between you and me … a deadly loneliness
and a chest full of unfulfilled dreams,
the autumn dew, and fear of death,
just dots, dots, dots and two merged hearts.


Lasă un gând