– Hello! … It’s me! How are you? How are you doing?
Do you think about me at night, when you sleep?
Are you listening to our favorite music while pursuing
To remember our sweet moments you want to keep?

I remember your dovelike face when you slept,
How I watched over you… you didn’t even know…
How much I wanted to feel your protective wings, except
That they made my heart feel like floating feather in the snow.

I wonder if I disappeared from the nest of sorrow…
Would you find me in your soul, somewhere in a tiny corner?
Would you call me, or look for me in the coffee steam tomorrow?
At dawn or late at night, would you call me like a foreigner?

I wrote and rewrote a dozen letters to you in my mind
Surfing through my thoughts, causing me creeps…
Hoping for a peaceful and calm existence, as a blind
I looked in the mirror and it slapped my cheeks.

Then I woke up from dreaming with wide open eyes,
I was hoping in vain that fate would declare us admitted,
I knew I had a privileged place in the world’s misery, full of lies,
Now I know… Life has something else destined for us. So, I submitted.


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