When I’ll meet my soulmate,
I will be with my lesson of life well learned,
I will not bend my ear anymore,
for I wept pain, and not just once.
I’ll know what to expect,
but before that, I’ll live my freedom,
I’m not going to regret anything anymore
and I will warmly receive the reality.

When I’ll meet my soulmate,
I will know that everything had a purpose,
but I have not lived often
that feeling that seemed annoying,
I was not where I was supposed to be,
and I felt like in a coffin,
like it would have been a feeling for a minute,
it wasn’t meant to be, not that I didn’t want it.

When I’ll meet my soulmate
I will find the answers much easier,
in the embrace that will watch over
my oblivion… and he will be the owner
of gestures that surprise me gently,
will be the most beautiful silent answer.
I’ll know why I’ve loved, without being happy,
why have I offered and not been fulfilled?

When I’ll meet my soulmate,
he will call me his sun,
will be understanding and obedience,
even life will give us her kiss.
We’ll find together in the same place
the peace, and the madness,
there will be a fire without sparkle,
which will erase all the irony
of the destiny, for we will not be alone,
we’ll shed no tears anymore,
we will have many seasons
and much love in the blood.

When I’ll find my soulmate,
I will be his, and he will be mine,
I hope, it will be forever,
we will be each other’s trophy,
so help us the goddess Fortuna.


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