When the time will come for you to miss me,
I will be long gone, baby, you know…
as a note on the stave, but without any sound,
I will be hidden in a beautiful rainbow.

The wind outside will not touch any leaf,
no creature will move anymore on this Earth,
the fluttering of the wings will no longer be heard,
only a deep silence will know your true worth.

You will only see a white slice of the Moon,
lonely on the gray sky, sitting on his throne,
when the sun will be ready to set,
the diamond in your heart will become a stone.

You will turn your favorite music even louder,
to slip slightly into the sweet, late night dreams,
you will let the peace of your thoughts go deaf
until the rainbow and the moon would become friends.

Only then… I will show up out of the rainbow
taking the shape of the stars beside the Moon,
then you could enframe the notes on the stave,
thus paying in advance to the fate that was immune.


Lasă un gând