Under the night’s breath, I watched the butterflies on the wall,
remembering in silence my long-gone years of youth
when my wings were fully-coloured as the rainbow in fall,
and the world still believed in honest love and the truth.

Thousands of butterflies, they knew how to keep a secret
counting moments, not years, giving us so much emotion,
continuing their dream on St. Valentine’s wings, they don’t quit
extinguishing my thirsty soul with the waves of the ocean.

Where are you, where is the pure love from yesteryear?
Flying from flower to flower, where did you leave your legacy?
Do you want to settle in my raven hair like a hairpin
or you want me to be the only scenographer of your jealousy?

You’re not a butterfly unless you get rid of the moths of the past,
if you do not solve the life’s equation with many unknowns.
If you still believe in mute gestures that are growing fast,
let’s decorate the night together with the love in our bones.


Lasă un gând