The moment you have decided to leave
and take all our memories with you,
lightning of cold chills crossed my grieve,
leaving flood and emptiness came through.

I refuse to think we’re like two autumn leaves
and the time came to separate from the tree,
I just look in the blank reminding our beliefs,
the crazy nights, oh, how beautiful it was to be free.

I still love you, but it seems like it’s not enough,
you are scared, therefore you preferred to run away.
Tell me that the hot vows were not just a bluff,
that from your life you don’t shut me out today.

I keep writing, at the risk of getting ridiculous,
but you ignore me, retreating in absolute peace,
not knowing that in life everything’s miraculous.
I’ll hide my tear on a sheet, in a bottle and… release.

I’ll throw the bottle into the sea, for one day you find it,
and you remember the touch that filled us with fire,
with my heart within you, you’ll come back to admit
the rewrite of the script of our lives, we’ll hold each other tighter.


Lasă un gând