When your life is covered with many clouds and leaks,
when the frost of the winter causes you cold creeps,
when you pass through the world turning both of your cheeks,
just smile and forgive!

When the brightness of the sun makes you blind,
when the world just laughs at you and they are unkind,
when anything you do, there is always gossip behind,
just smile and forgive!

When you run into the night or the storm with only one shoe,
when you seek for a soul to divide yourself into two,
when you want to feel in the morning the sun and the dew,
just smile and forgive!

When all your life you just wait until the night falls,
when you regret your own life, seeing that nobody calls,
when you want to hit your head to the thick walls,
just smile and forgive!

When you have memories that hurt, that’s a bloomer,
when you think they never die, later or sooner,
when you can look at all of them with a kind of humour,
just smile and forgive!

When outside is complete silence and for life you are able,
when the moon rises, almost divine and you feel stable,
when you see the glass is half-full on your table,
just smile and forgive!


Lasă un gând